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There are a three ways to find materials in the digital library:



The collection is divided into 5 SUBJECT CATEGORIES which can be browsed from the list on the side of the page or by choosing from the SUBJECT menu in the horizontal navigation bar. Within the subject category, choose date or format to narrow your results.


SUBJECTS are more specific than Subject Categories and can be browsed alphabetically from the horizontal drop down menu. Choose LIST ALL.

TITLE, DATE, FORMAT, NAMES and COLLECTION can also be browsed from the menus in the horizontal navigation bar.

Quick Search

Quick searches can be made from any page; just type in to the box.

  • Quick Search searches across all fields
  • Default search is Boolean with multiple terms connected by AND.
    --------A search for 'Philadelphia Hospital' is the same as 'Philadelphia' AND 'Hospital'
  • For a broader search, use 'OR' to connect terms,
    --------such as 'Necrophilia OR Hemophilia'
  • Terms can also be bound together in a phrase, or as an exact match, by enclosing the terms with quotes,
    --------"Medical Education of Woman".

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search form can be found by following the "Advanced Search" link, just above the Quick Search box on the top of every page.

The complete list of name and subject descriptors can be accessed by clicking the "Select Terms" hyperlink. The selected term will automatically fill in the search box.

Boolean searches can be chosen in the USING pulldown menu:

  • all the words
  • at least one of the words
  • exact phrase
  • Boolean operators and bound phrases - allows users to construct a customized search

More specific searches can be made by limiting the search by Date Range, Format or Collection.

The number of items returned on a page can be changed to by choosing from the results pull-down menu.

From the Collection

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